Zhu Cocaine Model Official Video

Zhu Cocaine Model Official Video
Name:ZHU Cocaine Model (Official Video)
Date:12 May 2015
Duration:5:14 Min
Dis Like:894
Type:Youtube to Mp3
User:Ego Italy

Lagu Zhu Cocaine Model Official Video hanya untuk review saja, jika memang kamu suka dengan lagu Zhu Cocaine Model Official Video belilah kaset asli yang resmi atau CD official dari album ini, kamu juga bisa mendownload secara legal di Official iTunes.

ZHU - Cocaine Model (Official Video) out now.
Download it here: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/the...
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/74v84xn...
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The Nightday is the debut EP by ZHU - #1 Overall Album in Australia, #3 Dance Album in United States, million and million of plays on Soundcloud/Youtube plus a lot of incredible names supporting: all the biggest ones played ZHU at least once and “Faded” is one of the most glorified and successful tracks out in the last months. The EP is a bold mission statement and resoundingly impressive body of work, which all the same is primarily distinguished its addictive celebration of carefree irreverence and hedonistic dancefloor infatuation. Across six tracks filled with cascading liquid synths, propulsive beats and slinky vocals hooks, the EP showcases the unbridled creativity and enticing allure at the core of ZHU’s craft. Drawing from a range of dance music genres from house to disco to garage to hip-hop and synth-pop, coupled with his distinctly captivating voice, ZHU spins these elements into a potent concoction entirely of his own.

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